Paginate Text allows the user to click through multiple pages of text.

Narrative and dialog text box behavior is common across a wide variety of video games. Paginate Text implements standard rules to display a multi-page text in a dialog box, allowing the user to skip to the end of the page and proceed to the next page by clicking.

Paginate Text is often preceded by a Set Text action to assign text to a text box. Paginate Text begins animation of the associated text, and when the user clicks, the next “page” of text (specified in the text itself with a <p> marker–see Text Formatting for reference), the next page appears. If the text box has been configured to type out its text, clicking before the text has completely appeared will cause all of the text to become visible at once. Additionally, a “click to continue” object, such as a blinking cursor, may be displayed when the text is ready to advance to the next page.

Target text box

The game object that contains the text box that Paginate Text will run on.

Click to continue object

An optional reference to an object in the scene that should appear when a page has been fully displayed. In adventure games and visual novels, the “CTC” object is often a blinking cursor or other looping animation. This object will be automatically disabled while text is typing out, and will automatically be enabled when the entire page has been displayed. It is disabled again when Paginate finishes.

Block Clicks

If checked, Paginate Text will prevent clicks from registering with the game. Clicking anywhere in the scene will only be used to advance the text page. If this box is not checked, clicking on objects in the scene will continue to work as normal while Paginate Text is running.