The Play Sound action plays a sound effect, music track, or voice over sample.

Sound to play

The sound file to play. See Sound and Music for information about supported file types.

Play as

The category to associate with this sound. See Sound and Music for information on categories. Options are:

  • Sound Effect - play as a sound effect, optionally with a custom category name
  • Music - play as music, replacing any other music already playing
  • Voice - play as voice over, replacing any other voice over already playing.

Custom category name

If playing the sound with the Sound Effect category, you may specify a name to associate this sound with. If there are any other sounds playing with the same category name, they will be stopped and replaced with this one. Specifying a category allows you to stop a sound later using the Stop Sound / Music action.

Cross fade duration

If playing with a custom category, this field specifies the time (in seconds) to spend cross-fading between existing sounds in the category and this sound. If set to 0, this sound will replace other sounds in its category immediately.