The Frame Animation component is for creating animated sequences from a sprite sheet or texture page. It is used in conjunction with an Image component, which specifies the source image.

The Frame Animation component requires that individual animation frames be spaced evenly in a grid within the image. This version only supports a single sequence.

Frame Width

The width of each individual frame in the image. All frames are assumed to be the same size.

Frame Height

The height of a frame in the image.

Frames per row

The number of frames in a single grid row within the image.

Frame count

The total number of frames in the image.

Frames per second

The frame rate at which to play the animated sequence

Loop Type

How this sequence should treat looping. Options are:

  • Once - Play to the end and stop on the last frame.
  • Loop - Start the animation over when it reaches the end.
  • Ping Pong - Play the animation forwards and backwards forever.
  • Clamp - Pause the animation on the last frame.

Play on start

If checked, the animation will automatically start playing when the scene loads.

Rewind When Disabled

If checked, the animation will reset to the beginning when the game object is disabled.

Pro Tip

This version of Frame Animation is a prototype. Future versions will support multiple image sources, multiple sequences per image, and a frame editor to construct sequences from source frames.