A Looping Sound is a sound that plays as long as its parent object is active, looping when it reaches the end of the sample. It is useful for environmental background sounds as well as music. Multiple looping sounds may be active at once. To play a non-looping sound, see the Play Sound Action.

Sound File

The sound file to play. Supported audio formats are wav, mp3, and flac.


The volume of this sound, from 0.0 to 1.0, where 1.0 is full volume. The actual playback volume will be a combination of this value, the Master Volume, and any category-specific volume settings. See Set Volume.

Play As

Determines the category for this sound Possible values are:

  • Sound Effect - play this sound as a sound effect.
  • Music - play this sound as music
  • Voice - play this sound as voice over.

Sounds can be controlled using their category. For more information, see Sound and Music.

Pro Tip

If an object containing a looping sound component is disabled, the sound is stopped and rewound. It will continue playing from the beginning when the object is enabled.