The Select Snapshot action moves objects in the scene to match the indicated snapshot. See Snapshots for more information on how snapshots work.


The snapshot to select.


The type of animation to use when transitioning from the current scene layout to the indicated snapshot. Options are:

  • Linear - Animate linearly from the the current layout to the snapshot layout
  • Ease In - Move objects to their new positions with an initial acceleration.
  • Ease Out - Move objects to their new positions with a deceleration at the end.
  • Ease In and Out - Smoothly accelerate objects to their new positions and decelerate their motion at the end.


How to animate the scene to the snapshot layout.

  • Move - Move objects from their current locations to the snapshot layout.
  • Fade - Fade objects in the snapshot out, then fade them in at their new location.


The amount of time (in seconds) to spend animating to the new snapshot. A value of 0 indicates an instantaneous change.