The Flipbook component plays an animated flipbook in the scene. Flipbooks are short animated videos that support transparency. They are ideal for high contrast art, such as line art with lots of solid color. Flipbooks are much less efficient for photographic video. Because they support transparency, Flipbooks can be used for complex background effects (such as pre-rendered looping clouds that blend with the sky, for example), pre-rendered characters, and animated interstitials that take over much of the screen (“Objection!”).

To create a Flipbook, drag a folder containing a sequence of image files into the scene. The image files should be named in sequence (e.g. “frame001.png,” “frame002.png” etc). Story Machine will compress the images into a Flipbook and add it as a new object to the scene.

Frames Per Second

Specifies the frame rate that the Flipbook should play back at.

Compression Tolerance

The amount of compression to apply to the Flipbook, between 0.0 and 1.0. A value of 1.0 indicates no compression, and the Flipbook will be stored in pixel-perfect (if significantly less efficient) format. Changing this value will result in recompression of the Flipbook. If the compression tolerance is too low, you may see artifacts, often in the form of horizontal lines, appear in your Flipbook. The default is 0.7.


Whether or not the Flipbook should loop.