The Set Camera action pans or zoomes the viewpoint defined by a virtual camera. It is controlled by specifying an object in the scene to focus the camera on. This action can change the camera instantaneously, or animate it over time.


The amount of time (in seconds) to spend animating the camera towards the target object. If Duration is set to 0, the change is instantaneous.

Target Object

The object to focus the camera on.

Pan Towards

If checked, the camera will pan to center the target object in the view.

Zoom Towards

If checked, the camera will perform a zoom towards the target object.

Zoom Amount

The level of zoom at the end of the camera animation. Zoom is a multiplier, so 1.0 equates to the default zoom level, 0.5 zooms the camera out so that the scene is half as large as usual, and 2.0 zooms the camera in such that the scene appears twice its regular size.